Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And some more of my little guy.....

Hello, All!

And here he is, the 19 month old in all his silly happiness. He's grown up SO much since his first birthday. He says words like "Baskaball" and "kitty" and "toot"(fruit), "ah-done", and of course, "Mommy" and "Daddy" we hear loud and clear. He still naps ridiculously long in the afternoon, but I think that's because we play a LOT in the morning. I think he's the coolest little guy around, but as you know, I am his mommy!


Baby photography: Zoe!

Yesterday I met up with Phil and Kim, and their gem of a baby girl, Zoe!
And you know the first thing I noticed about Zoe? Take one guess:

This little girl gives J man a run for his money on the "stunning eyes" award! What a cutie!
Oh, and her parents are pretty cool, too :)

And this shot was one of my faves of the day: can't resist a baby in a tutu!

(and I am a fan of cloth-diaper butt, too :)

Phil asked me to get a special shot, too. You see, Zoe was born REALLY early, and was so small that her daddy's wedding band fit over her fist and onto her wrist. So he asked that I get a picture of his band over her thumb, just to measure the change from her birthday. I'd say that's pretty incredible!

Thanks SO much to Kim, Phil, and Baby Zoe! You've just captured my heart!

Much love,


Monday, July 5, 2010

Jennifer+Paul: Wedding

The background of this couple will come shortly, but really, I am tired. And I feel like watching an episode of the Simpsons. So, here are a few of my faves from the wedding yesterday- yes, an Independence Day Wedding!

The seriously beautiful bride:

yay, Marines!

pocket dresses!!!

The boys- a great-looking group!

a packed church full of wonderfully talented singers- the hymns brought tears to my eyes!

the bridal party and ushers- totally feelin' the love!

one of my faves from the day:

More to come soon!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

18 months

What's that?

Em's actually posting something new on her blog?!?!?!

Yes, internet. That is right. I'm back.

And so is this absolutely adorable face:

No, it has not been 18 months since I've posted a personal post, but that IS how old the J man is now. And boy, he is a busy boy!

Here's a rundown of our summer so far:
Warm and sunny, with some really amazing, awe-inspiring thunderstorms. Which makes for lots of weeds growing in my garden. J man is taking swimming lessons again this year. And he totally freaks out. Yeah. Last year he was a dream- kicking his feet and swinging his arms. Now he cries.
A LOT, people.
And crying in a huge swimming pool is not by any means quiet. He did settle down when they brought out the water balls. For, Like, 5 minutes. Anyway, we're going again tonight!
We went to Noah's Ark, too. For $11. Amazing how much money you can save when you go as a church group of around 75 people. It was a TON of fun, and I even got to go down a few slides by myself! Cuz I'm a big girl....

Anywho, the photography thing is just working out beautifully this year. I have a full summer of weddings, quite a few senior portrait sessions, and a number of family photos. Enough to keep me busy, fo'sho'.

J hubby's still working the 3rd shift thing, but hopefully will be finding something new SOON. (pray for that, too, please!) This is just not easy on our marriage, and he is such a different, happy person when he actually is able to sleep. Which isn't during the day. It's at night, when normal people go to bed. But, well, he works hard, and it's helping me to keep doing what I love to do, too. I just want him to find something that he loves!

We also took a trip to TX to visit my sis-in-law and her hubby. What a great time! We went tubing, horsebackriding, saw the Alamo, remembered it, and did all other kinds of tourist-y things. And I got sun. On my skin. I don't think I've ever been this dark in my life. Dark as in, hi, I am not pale anymore, but still am white as white can be. But not pale!

J man is walking, talking (about basketball, mostly) and absolutely adores his daddy. I love the sound of him saying "daaah-deee". He says it SO clearly, and wonderfully, it makes me smile just about every time.
So, with that, I will end this post.

More to come soon, internet, have no fear!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ben + Erica: Wedding

I knew both Erica and Ben before they really knew each other. They ran in slightly different circles at the same college I went to. Ben very involved in music and academics and was very soft-spoken, and Erica a free-spirited barefoot-clad, fun-loving girl. Ben was in the college choir with me, and Erica was a suite-mate of mine (we were in separate rooms, but shared the bathroom between the two. Bathroom Buddies, if you will :).

Then, the past couple of years Ben began playing trumpet with us at our Messiah concerts, and eventually, Erica started showing up at the performances. It was a great relationship that was in bloom, centered around constant Bible studies and ultimate hand-holding. Ben asked Erica to marry him this past Christmas season, and over Facebook, Erica was excited to know that I had their wedding date open. And I was so excited, too!!

This past weekend, Erica and Ben gave their vows in front of their family and friends, and their fathers (who are both pastors!), we took a little walk down the main street of the little town, and hung out in a field of wild flowers, where they started their marriage together with a hand-holding Bible study.

There was a little rain, and the field was wet, but Erica was adventurous and felt that the pictures were worth getting the wedding dress a little messy (which doesn't show up on any pictures, by the way!)
I really love that these two found each other, and have an amazing relationship with God. Just inspiring, so thank you, Erica and Ben, for letting me photograph your wedding! You are both just stunning people, inside and out!