Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ben + Erica: Wedding

I knew both Erica and Ben before they really knew each other. They ran in slightly different circles at the same college I went to. Ben very involved in music and academics and was very soft-spoken, and Erica a free-spirited barefoot-clad, fun-loving girl. Ben was in the college choir with me, and Erica was a suite-mate of mine (we were in separate rooms, but shared the bathroom between the two. Bathroom Buddies, if you will :).

Then, the past couple of years Ben began playing trumpet with us at our Messiah concerts, and eventually, Erica started showing up at the performances. It was a great relationship that was in bloom, centered around constant Bible studies and ultimate hand-holding. Ben asked Erica to marry him this past Christmas season, and over Facebook, Erica was excited to know that I had their wedding date open. And I was so excited, too!!

This past weekend, Erica and Ben gave their vows in front of their family and friends, and their fathers (who are both pastors!), we took a little walk down the main street of the little town, and hung out in a field of wild flowers, where they started their marriage together with a hand-holding Bible study.

There was a little rain, and the field was wet, but Erica was adventurous and felt that the pictures were worth getting the wedding dress a little messy (which doesn't show up on any pictures, by the way!)
I really love that these two found each other, and have an amazing relationship with God. Just inspiring, so thank you, Erica and Ben, for letting me photograph your wedding! You are both just stunning people, inside and out!