Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congrats B and KT!!

My good friends, Katie and Brandon, had their baby last night/this morning sometime (a little confused on the timing) They named her Ruth :) such a cute name- I can't wait to see her and take pics of her.
I had been taking pictures of Katie once a month since she found out she was pregnant, and fortunately we were able to get a final one in this past weekend with Brandon- they turned out lovely!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

28 weeks pregnant (just about, anyway!)

Here I am- it's a beautifully cool fall day, the Brewers made it to the playoffs (hasn't happened since the year I was born!!!), tried Indian Food for the first time ever (the general consensus was that the orange stuff tasted the best), and I finally remembered to take my "weekly" picture.
The past week was SO much fun and full of craziness- I taught art on Tuesday and Thursday, had a photo shoot on Thursday night, a wedding shoot on Friday, and a maternity shoot on Saturday.
Thought I'd show off Mr. Pinchie some more to you all, since he's getting SO big~ I now weigh a whopping 142 lbs!

Friday, September 26, 2008

fun with fisheye!

So, I just spent a lot of money on a new camera/lens/flash- and am SO very happy!!
these are just a couple of pics I have taken in the past few days (some are funny, some I was on a photo shoot, so had to be more serious :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I remember:

Being in the underground at WLC at 8 something in the morning, all the TV's tuned to the news- one of the twin towers had been hit. As I watched, another plane exploded into the second tower. I began to cry.
Then one tower fell, and then the other. Utter silence in the crowded college hangout.
I immediately call Jonathan. He is sleeping at his apartment just down the road. I tell him to turn on the tv. He asks why, and i tell him, and I start bawling again. He can't believe what he's hearing from me. Immediately I fear war is coming, and that Jonathan will be called away to serve his country overseas again. (he does get orders to serve, but due to previous injuries while serving in Bosnia, his call to serve is terminated)
Class was canceled after a long prayer in which every person in the lecture room held hands with one another.
Jonathan and I spend the day together, talking and praying, then run up to Sheboygan to spend the rest of the day with my family (this had already been planned a week earlier) and we announce to my parents that we are engaged. My mom cries, and everyone congratulates us.
We spent the rest of the night watching footage on the news, over and over, praying more people survive what seems to be a war zone.

I will never forget.

25 weeks (and then some:)

Good afternoon!
I have to thank Diana for keeping on me about updating my blog- we went shopping today at Kohl's (she got a lot of fun shirts, and I got some AWESOME super-dee-duper soft underwear.) I think I scared Jonathan a little bit cuz I was so happy about it when I woke him up this afternoon. Seriously, I had such a burst of energy, I was hopping around and folding laundry and putting away blankets and making the bed and talking about my day and so on and so on..... Well, I might have been on a little sugar high from the mint chocolate chip ice cream cone I got from Kopps. MMMM.
So, you may notice that I am a little more dressed up this week for the picture- I remembered to take the picture on Tuesday early afternoon (so technically the pic is from 25 weeks, 1 day). The reason for the "dress up clothes" is cuz I am now an art teacher at St. John's in Wauwatosa! I met the kids for the first time on Tuesday- all I did was go around to the different classrooms and talked to them for about 5 or 6 minutes about me and what we can expect for the year. So, I have a teacher wardrobe (thanks, KT, for some of your work clothes!!) Fortunately, I am still little enough that I fit into a couple of my pre-preggo pants- as long as I wear them with a belly band!
Mr. Pinchie (as Jonathan so lovingly refers to our son, since we haven't landed on a name yet) has been rolling and kicking and thumping and elbow-ing and knee-ing and generally going all over the place- mostly at night after Jonathan leaves for work. I will have to borrow his video phone one of these nights so I can show him what it looks like when Mr. Pinchie is sticking a leg/arm an inch past where my tummy line actually is and rolls across the stomach. It's just fascinating!!
Overall, I am feeling great, though nighttime is still iffy, and if I need water, I get a bad gag reflex, but the weather is cooling down for fall, our sugar maple is dropping it's already golden and fire-colored leaves, and the air just seems fresh. What a wonderful time of year!

Monday, September 1, 2008

24 week overview

Hello, all!
Sorry I missed last week's blog- I totally lost track of time, and realized that it was the end of the week already, and I never did an update!
So, here's what happened:
not a whole lot. I got bigger. I am now over my pre pregnancy weight. yay.
Today I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire with my sister, Adri, sister in law, Jen, and friend Amber.

best quote of the day made by a total stranger : "When you're eating a watermelon, you're supposed to spit out the seeds, not swallow them."

I guess that means that people are noticing that I am expecting :)

These pics are of me today after eating a lot of good food, so I feel bigger than what I think I am (if that makes any sense!)
Enough rambling- I'm pooped!
have a blessed week