Sunday, June 29, 2008

15 weeks

So, I'm beginning to feel a little more normal- less time in the bathroom, more time....well, taking pictures and sleeping. I'm still quite tired, but enjoying the fact that I am beginning to show- although not too many people can tell, since I was down to a measly 125 lbs on my 5'8" frame. Well, I can tell, and Jonathan can tell, so we're both getting more and more excited!
I shot a wedding with a good friend, Diana, yesterday- I don't know what I would have done without her! She is amazing at keeping her head, even when it is STORMING out and we're in the DARKEST church in the world. Well, God is awesome, and the storm soon passed, and we were able to get some great shots down by Lake Michigan at the Calatrava.
I took these pictures today (15 weeks), sorry if I look a little out of it- I'm pooped!

Friday, June 27, 2008

keepin' busy!

Hello all!
Things are staying really busy for me- constantly taking new photos, doing weddings, family photos, senior pics, and anything people ask (and pay) for me to do!
I am almost 15 weeks pregnant now, and I should really start putting up pics of me to people can see how I'm changing. It'll get done, sooner or later :)
I've generally been feeling better this week, still nauseous at times- threw up only 2 times so far this week. That's a huge improvement to the constant vomiting I had been experiencing only a couple of weeks ago.
Jonathan has also been keeping very busy with work and trying to keep up with projects around the house (unfortunately I haven't been that big of a help). Our front entryway is looking wonderful- hopefully that project will be completed in the next couple of weeks. We'll see!
Ok, gotta go. thanks for reading!
oh, and the picture is of me 8.5 weeks pregnant taken by Diana Mount on 5.15.08. No belly there!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first (family) blog

Hello, everyone!
Welcome to my family blog :) I thought it would be a good idea to keep my friends and family (and anyone else who would be interested) in the loop about what's going on in our lives, since, I guess, we're not that good at sending out yearly letters.
So, I guess I will start updating with January.
Jan. 5- Jon and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, and took a trip to AZ to hang out with Tom and Stacia Weinstein and to visit some of our favorite spots (we went there together for our 1st anniversary)The picture is of Jonathan looking at a strip of quartz we found in a little gully while hiking in South Mountain in Phoenix.
I finished up with "the Advent Prophecy" with Mike Westendorf- I sang solos from Handel's Messiah, then in February, I started "He is Worthy" with Mike Westendorf, another program featuring solos from Handel's Messiah. I also made lots of artwork for this concert program.
February was made up of a lot of concerts, singing, and whatnot.
March I went to the recording studio to sing backup for Mike's new CD, "Color through the Gray"
March, Jonathan finished his job working at Oxford Art Glass Studios, and in the time off between jobs, he and I took a quick little weekend getaway. He now has a job working as a Security Officer at St. Joe's Hospital (third shift....)
April, I started to go a little crazy with painting, and had my second art show opening at Point of Grace ( April 18th which went really well.
Then, on April 20th I found out that I was pregnant! So, we had been trying for YEARS. I was a little surprised, to say the least. Jon is thrilled!!
April 25th I celebrated my 26th Birthday, and my good friends surprised me with a party- it was a blast!
May, I had my first Dr.s appointment, and I have a great Dr. (and great health insurance, thanks to Jonathan's job at the hospital:)
May 8th Jonathan celebrated his 29th birthday!!
Memorial Day weekend, I took a trip out to Minneapolis for my friend, Jen's, wedding, which I was the photographer for. We had a GORGEOUS day (minus the little bit of rain and the tornado that hit a nearby town) the pictures are beautiful!
June, I have been really sick. Came to the point that I was getting sick every time I would eat. My next Dr.'s appointment, she prescribed Reglan for me. it seemed to help quite a bit, for the most part. I still have really bad days. I also had an ultrasound of the baby- they couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler, so the doc wanted to make sure everything was ok, and it was.
Jonathan has been wonderful through the whole thing- it's been interesting getting to know my body again- what I am able to eat and how often I need to eat, and how much activity I can do without collapsing:) He is ever patient, and extremely helpful. Yay, I have an awesome hubby!
This past weekend, I shot the second wedding of the season. I have 2 more this month, so hopefully I will continue to feel better each day.
ok, this blog is long enough.
Love you all!