Saturday, September 26, 2009

little bit o' rock 'n roll for Jesus

My friend, Mike Westendorf, asked me to photograph an event that he and his band were playing for- they were one of the bands to come on before FFH (Far From Home- it's another well-known Christian band). It was a benefit concert for Cancer research, put on by Faith Lutheran Church and was advertised on KLOV.
Well, anyway, what I am trying to say is that it was kind of a big deal.
Which you may have guessed since he wanted me there to photograph the whole thing.

Just Kidding.
Or, as my little bro would say "Hota, Ka, Hota, Ka".
( ask me if you don't get it)

It's a big deal, but not cuz I was there.
It was a big deal because God was there, and we are called to serve Him and each other.
And we did it through music!

The whole thing was in the Sports Complex in Waukesha, so it was held in a really big gym.
You know how gyms are known for their totally spectacular, flattering lighting?
Oh, Yeah. They are known for their totally stinky lighting.
At least there were stage lights, and I was able to utilize my somewhat limited knowledge of lighting to get some pretty suh-WEET effects.
In all honesty, I enjoyed myself there, singing my heart out to Jesus along with the band, and taking pictures at the same time.

Talk about fun!

Photo Challenge

This weeks challenge was to photograph a "broke down" object in B/w, from three different angles or zoomed in 3 different ways:
As I was doing a photo shoot around my Godmother's property in northern WI, I came upon this really neato boat, sitting in the woods. Although I don't think that it's technically "broke down", I know that it hasn't been used in years, and the tires on the trailer are a little flat.
So here you go- any comments/ criticisms are welcome!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling the wind through his hair.

At least what hair he has (it's there- really silky strands that are slowly but surely filling in a little thicker every day...)
Anyway, we spent some time up by my sister's house with her family- and we hung out at a couple of different parks- so J man got to play around on the baby swings.

The little daredevil of my baby decided that it would be WAY more fun to lean as far forward in his seat and pretend he's Superman.

Either that, or he was just fascinated with his moving shadow.

At any rate, he had a great time.

Until he got too tired. Then we went back home.

Oh, and he got 3 new upper teeth this past week. Whew!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Photo Challenge #31

My son discovering his world on this
brand new day.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Being a High School Senior....

Has got to be interesting nowadays... but, well, it was probably "interesting" when I was a high school senior, all those years ago.
over 9 years ago. yikes.

Anywho, I remember my senior portrait experience was not-so-exhilarating. My pics turned out okay, but I was just NOT comfortable, and it felt awkward while I was there in front of the huge camera in the studio setting, feeling very unsure of myself.
SO, I guess there's a notion out there that photographers are "old" and "stuffy", and this can be an anxiety inducing experience for a young man/woman to put themselves in front of a stranger and try to act natural.
Such was the case with Corina.
She was, according to her aunt, a nervous wreck all day long, and unsure of what to expect.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for her to get comfortable, and we really, really had a lot of fun.
oh, and her pictures turned out beautiful.

thank you, Corina!!