Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wintry Walk

I went for a walk today while I was waiting for Jonathan to wake up- and brought my "new" S5 with me to play around with it a bit.

36 weeks

My dad, among other people, have hinted (somewhat strongly) that I have fallen a little behind in my "weekly" pictures.
Yeah, I guess it's a little bit of laziness. And forgetfulness. :)
Here I am at 36 weeks, 4 days:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall in Wisconsin

I had to take a picture of the beautiful leaves in my front yard. Soon they will be covered with white and, when they reappear, they will be brown and slowly becoming part of the earth again.
I love fall, but this year it seems to be flying by so quickly that I haven't had my usual childhood flashbacks: until today.
Things I love about fall:
1.That distinctive smell of cool, crisp leaves brings me back to walking on our front sidewalk with a blanket 6 inches deep with leaves and making a trail with my feet.
2.Piles of leaves on people's lawns reminds me of when, after school, my siblings and I would make several piles of leaves (nests) and we would fly from one to the other. Of course, they would need to be rebuilt every so often, but there was such joy in jumping (flying) into the softest pile we could build.
3. Dewy mornings- it's just beautiful to see perfect droplets of water sparkling across my lawn on yellow-golden leaves and grass that is still green :)

Another addition !

So my friends Abby and Eric FINALLY had their baby boy, Gabe- he was about a week late (poor Abby!)
We continued the tradition of bringing Chinese food to the hospital for the new parents- and I brought my camera, too~

Congrats, guys- he's absolutely adorable!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

One last time....

On thursday I had the final photo shoot with Brandon, Katie, and Ruth:
here are a few of my favorites:

32 weeks, 5 days

Here's what's new:
I had my 32 week checkup this week, and everything looks great. My weight gain is staying steady, I've been feeling ok for the most part (wednesday morning was a little rough, but we made it through:), and Jon and I started our childbirth express class. We have one more meeting with our class, then we graduate. And we will get a certificate saying we are booksmart ready for having a child. Amazing that 6 hours of class time is all we need to be adequate parents :P
Anywho, I finally took an updated picture this morning, so this is 32 weeks, 5 days:

My sister also came to town with her family to help me paint the mursery this week- it looks great!! so BIG thank you to her- I will post images of that once it's all set up.
On wednesday, I met up with my friend, Diana, to have my maternity pictures taken. Despite the cold and really bright sunshine, she really got some great shots: check them out on her blog.