Friday, October 10, 2008

29 weeks, 5 days pregnant!

This week has gone SO fast- it's amazing how time flies when I stay busy (and when I am feeling almost normal!)
I spent the weekend up at my sister's house for KJ's birthday- it was a beautiful, sunny, cool day. We had been planning on taking their family photos on Saturday evening, and I had all my equipment ready, and the kids got all ready for it, and when I got my camera out, I realized that I didn't have my memory cards!!! So, what does a pregnant woman with a bad cold who's had very little sleep do? I cried. I felt SO terrible that we had this planned, and I forgot my cards. I had actually emptied the card onto my computer that morning, and just forgot to take it out of the computer. Bummer.
Anyway, on Sunday Jonathan and I went to my parent's house and spent the day making applesauce and hanging out with family. We hadn't been up to visit them since Jonnie and Kimmy came.
I finally took my picture again tonight- I am now 29 weeks, 5 days. It's amazing to think that at the beginning of this week little Mr. Pinchie weighed over 2 1/2 lbs and is already over 15 inches long- he's getting all folded up in there!

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chocolate hug said... updated belly photos this week? Say are you coming to Bible study on Friday?