Thursday, September 11, 2008

25 weeks (and then some:)

Good afternoon!
I have to thank Diana for keeping on me about updating my blog- we went shopping today at Kohl's (she got a lot of fun shirts, and I got some AWESOME super-dee-duper soft underwear.) I think I scared Jonathan a little bit cuz I was so happy about it when I woke him up this afternoon. Seriously, I had such a burst of energy, I was hopping around and folding laundry and putting away blankets and making the bed and talking about my day and so on and so on..... Well, I might have been on a little sugar high from the mint chocolate chip ice cream cone I got from Kopps. MMMM.
So, you may notice that I am a little more dressed up this week for the picture- I remembered to take the picture on Tuesday early afternoon (so technically the pic is from 25 weeks, 1 day). The reason for the "dress up clothes" is cuz I am now an art teacher at St. John's in Wauwatosa! I met the kids for the first time on Tuesday- all I did was go around to the different classrooms and talked to them for about 5 or 6 minutes about me and what we can expect for the year. So, I have a teacher wardrobe (thanks, KT, for some of your work clothes!!) Fortunately, I am still little enough that I fit into a couple of my pre-preggo pants- as long as I wear them with a belly band!
Mr. Pinchie (as Jonathan so lovingly refers to our son, since we haven't landed on a name yet) has been rolling and kicking and thumping and elbow-ing and knee-ing and generally going all over the place- mostly at night after Jonathan leaves for work. I will have to borrow his video phone one of these nights so I can show him what it looks like when Mr. Pinchie is sticking a leg/arm an inch past where my tummy line actually is and rolls across the stomach. It's just fascinating!!
Overall, I am feeling great, though nighttime is still iffy, and if I need water, I get a bad gag reflex, but the weather is cooling down for fall, our sugar maple is dropping it's already golden and fire-colored leaves, and the air just seems fresh. What a wonderful time of year!

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