Monday, September 1, 2008

24 week overview

Hello, all!
Sorry I missed last week's blog- I totally lost track of time, and realized that it was the end of the week already, and I never did an update!
So, here's what happened:
not a whole lot. I got bigger. I am now over my pre pregnancy weight. yay.
Today I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire with my sister, Adri, sister in law, Jen, and friend Amber.

best quote of the day made by a total stranger : "When you're eating a watermelon, you're supposed to spit out the seeds, not swallow them."

I guess that means that people are noticing that I am expecting :)

These pics are of me today after eating a lot of good food, so I feel bigger than what I think I am (if that makes any sense!)
Enough rambling- I'm pooped!
have a blessed week



chocolate hug said...

Hey! There's that bell! Well Em, I think it's safe to say that you've officially "popped". How does it feel? :)

chocolate hug said...

how ever did I manage to write "Bell" and not "belly"...? Oh well....