Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall in Wisconsin

I had to take a picture of the beautiful leaves in my front yard. Soon they will be covered with white and, when they reappear, they will be brown and slowly becoming part of the earth again.
I love fall, but this year it seems to be flying by so quickly that I haven't had my usual childhood flashbacks: until today.
Things I love about fall:
1.That distinctive smell of cool, crisp leaves brings me back to walking on our front sidewalk with a blanket 6 inches deep with leaves and making a trail with my feet.
2.Piles of leaves on people's lawns reminds me of when, after school, my siblings and I would make several piles of leaves (nests) and we would fly from one to the other. Of course, they would need to be rebuilt every so often, but there was such joy in jumping (flying) into the softest pile we could build.
3. Dewy mornings- it's just beautiful to see perfect droplets of water sparkling across my lawn on yellow-golden leaves and grass that is still green :)