Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo Challenge #12 Candids

Sorry these are late, guys- my grandpa passed away yesterday, and with everything else I had planned this weekend, I just forgot to post!

Josiah and I made it up to visit Grandpa only 36 hours before he went to heaven- he gave a genuine smile when he saw Jsiah, and Josiah actually smiled back- it was SO touching!
In Memory of Grandpa "Perk"

We spent Easter weekend with Jonathan's family- and these are Heather's 3 oldest:


katie said...

Em, these are very nice :) They have kind of a soft, reflective feel. I'm glad you got some good pics of Josiah with his great-grandpa before he died.
Those are some cute kids! I would have liked to see some with the kids interacting, rather than all three separate. Nice angles though. I've been trying to do more stuff like that in my photos too.

chocolate hug said...

Em, I'm so sad that we haven't been able to talk. I had no idea, till I read your blog that your grandfather passed away. What a blessing it must have been to have seen him shortly before God called him home.

Looking at your photos I get the sense that you took it easy this past week. Which makes total sense to me. When I'm hanging out with family and have to watch Sam, it's hard to really focus on my photography.

The first photo is my favorite. I think it is by far the most interesting of the three pictures...and the most unique. What a cute little face!

These are nice portraits of your family.


Erica said...

What great pictures with your grandfather. That really was a blessing to get those pictures. Of the three other kids, the first is my favorite. It feels like you snuck up on her and she was really happy to see you! (As anyone would be to see you) I LOVE the angle of the second one (both his head/body and the angle of the shot)and the look on his face, but I am a bit distracted by batman. The third one of the kiddos is also lovely. The third one is also lovely.