Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo challenge 13

This week's photo challenge was to "think like a cat"


Bexy said...

haha! Great feet photos! I think my favorite of those is the 4th one down.

I also like the one above from that where just the hand is in focus. I imagine cats to generally be very focused on just one thing if something piques their curiosity.

I like the various angles of the photos too as if the cat is cocking its head curiously as it looks at something :) Or perhaps in one photo it's lying down, where in another one it's on the move.

Cute pics!

Erica said...

The feet and hand photos are my favorites. The first ones are great pictures, but I wouldn't have guessed that they were from the perspective of a cat. My cat is obsessed with my feet and he can really relate to your pictures. (He told me.) I also like the angles. In the hand picture, I really see how the hand is in focus and the rest is not, that cat is nervously approaching and sniffing this odd little creature.

huggiesaguaro said...

I love this set of photos! So much fun! The great part about them for me, having spent time at your house, is that I can totally see your cats being in all of these places! I really love the feet pictures!!


Erin Jo Chung said...

Great execution. Totally seeing these as a cat would. Just the simpleness of them all being on the floor and down low as the perspective of a cat is great. The first few are alright to me.......But where you excel in my opinion is the last ones all of feet. Those are fantastic I think. So, trust me I know it is easier for me to say than do, but I probably would have scrapped the first few and just kept the feet ones as a more simple stronger collection. But that is just me.......and I often struggle with what makes sense and which ones to scrap and which ones to keep of my own. So im being a bit of a hypocrite with this statement. lol

Good job this week. I quite enjoyed them. They all definitely have a very polished look to them. lol.....that is my awesome technically correct evaluation......."they all have a very polished look the them" lol....sorry I lack the polished evaluation. I just know what I like when I see it. I liked these very much. Can't wait to see next week's from you!!!

katie said...

Hi Em!
These are very fun :) I like the ones where a single smaller area is in focus--like the hand and some of the feet pics. Sorry for the extremely short commenting...I have a sniffly baby to take care of :(