Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photo Challenge

This weeks challenge was to photograph a "broke down" object in B/w, from three different angles or zoomed in 3 different ways:
As I was doing a photo shoot around my Godmother's property in northern WI, I came upon this really neato boat, sitting in the woods. Although I don't think that it's technically "broke down", I know that it hasn't been used in years, and the tires on the trailer are a little flat.
So here you go- any comments/ criticisms are welcome!

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Erin said...

Wow. Lovely entry this week. First photo is my fav by far! It is actually up there for one of my favorite pieces of yours EVER!!!

I dig everything about it. What time of day was it? The dark forest is most intriguing... simply put I am in love with a forest and a wee lonely boat!

Ebeling Family said...

aww, thanks!!
I love the first one as well- and that was actually the first photo of the series of 10-15 or so I took of it.
Anyway, it was taken at about 4 in the afternoon- and the forest got quite dark pretty quickly up there, with so many tall trees blocking the light.
Thanks for the awesome comment!