Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby photography: Zoe!

Yesterday I met up with Phil and Kim, and their gem of a baby girl, Zoe!
And you know the first thing I noticed about Zoe? Take one guess:

This little girl gives J man a run for his money on the "stunning eyes" award! What a cutie!
Oh, and her parents are pretty cool, too :)

And this shot was one of my faves of the day: can't resist a baby in a tutu!

(and I am a fan of cloth-diaper butt, too :)

Phil asked me to get a special shot, too. You see, Zoe was born REALLY early, and was so small that her daddy's wedding band fit over her fist and onto her wrist. So he asked that I get a picture of his band over her thumb, just to measure the change from her birthday. I'd say that's pretty incredible!

Thanks SO much to Kim, Phil, and Baby Zoe! You've just captured my heart!

Much love,



KimberlyCasmer said...


Thank you again for the photo session. It was loads of fun and a great way to capture these moments. I wanted to provide a link to Zoe's blog, specifically the picture where Zoe is wearing Phil's ring. Seeing that picture brought tears to my eyes as I remembered everything that has happened and marveled how the Lord got us through it all. Thank you again.


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