Friday, June 27, 2008

keepin' busy!

Hello all!
Things are staying really busy for me- constantly taking new photos, doing weddings, family photos, senior pics, and anything people ask (and pay) for me to do!
I am almost 15 weeks pregnant now, and I should really start putting up pics of me to people can see how I'm changing. It'll get done, sooner or later :)
I've generally been feeling better this week, still nauseous at times- threw up only 2 times so far this week. That's a huge improvement to the constant vomiting I had been experiencing only a couple of weeks ago.
Jonathan has also been keeping very busy with work and trying to keep up with projects around the house (unfortunately I haven't been that big of a help). Our front entryway is looking wonderful- hopefully that project will be completed in the next couple of weeks. We'll see!
Ok, gotta go. thanks for reading!
oh, and the picture is of me 8.5 weeks pregnant taken by Diana Mount on 5.15.08. No belly there!

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