Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Very Normal"

Good News from the Dr.:
Everything with our little baby boy is "very normal" (to which Jonathan responded, "he can't be our child, then..." :)
It was amazing the detail that we could see during the whole thing- his little fingers opening and closing, the kicking that I could see at the same time I could feel it- he even reached down and played with his feet- just an amazing thing to be able to see him already while he's still growing in me- Praise the Lord!!!
By the way, it sounds like he's going to take after both the Lemke and the Ebeling sides with his length of arms- the tech commented on the length of his arms already- said he's going to be a tall one! They also were able to measure his weight- 1 lb., 3 oz already!
Thanks to everyone who kept us in their thoughts and prayers- we know God listens~



LoveLladro said...

Good to hear about the baby! Loved your husbands response... too funny!

Katherine said...

Yay! I was about to call you to ask how the ultrasound went, then I thought i'd check your blog first. Awesome 3D picture!! Do you have more? -kt