Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge

fuiji S2 pro- 24-85mm normal setting 1.5" exposure, f2.8

fuji S2pro- fisheye lens- 1/90" exposure f9

fuji S2Pro- 24-85mm lens- macro setting 1/125" f4

Here is my series of self portraits for the weekly challenge: (find out more at
theses are the guidelines for the week:
3 self portraits
1. black and white
2. one without you in it
3. one in color



chocolate hug said...

Hi Em! I have to just say that I love that you put down what lenses and settings you used. I never would have thought of doing that! Okay, on to my critique.

1.) I think people with blue eyes have stunning eyes to photograph since you don't need to use tricks to add light to them. You're eyes are no exception. What I think is wonderful is how the darkness of your pupils are balanced out by the darkness in your shirt. Compositionally I think it would be nice to see a little more of that same tone in the lower left of the photo. But such things can be hard to control.
My first thought was that you took this on your table with a shiny toaster by you face, but knowing your house I can see that it was the window you used and that plastic stuff that Sam likes to bang on is making the reflection. Anyway, I like this picture a lot.

2.) Beautiful composition! When I first saw this, about 20 questions popped into my head. (Did she make those prints? Where was Josiah? Was it taken in B/W or doe it just look that way because it's winter.) The movement of the foot prints contrast so nicely with the straightness of your shadow.
As I compare it to the other two, I have to say I like how your minimalist approach seems to tie all the photos together. That's something I really struggled with.

3.) While I really love the composition, I think the colour of your eyes would be more stunning if the bit of background we see in the upper right hand corner repeated one of those colours. I think your eyes are just lovely to photograph!

Yay! I really enjoyed this challenge.


Bexy said...

Oooohhh well done.

The first one - interesting angle, nice little hint of reflection too on what I assume is a window. There's a certain romance to this photo - something that tells a story.

The 2nd one is really well done - love the footprints and the shadow! And I like that it, too, is in black and white.

Lastly, gorgeous eyes! :D

Melissa said...

Black and white...I like the long angle of the wood and how it leads your eye right to the subject.

Abstract...I thought of using my shadow too, but I didn't know if that would be breaking the rules. I really like how it turned out...very simple.

Color...I like the crispness of the photo and how one of your eyes is right in the corner of the photo.