Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge

fuji S2pro, 10" exposure, f 2.8 iso 100 taken at 11 pm

fuji S2 pro, 1/180" exposure, f 2.8, iso 100 taken at 5 pm

fuji S2pro, 1/1000" exposure, f 2.8, iso 100 taken at 1:00 pm

I know I am getting this entry in by the seat of my pants~ so much for my best laid plans!!
I had to go to this location 5 times to get this right (one of those times because my batteries went kaput...)...and it's pretty darn cold outside! And I TOTALLY underestimated the creepiness factor of taking photos in a graveyard at nighttime. But I had to take photos of this mausoleum! Jon and I call it the "Scarface" mausoleum, but really the last name is Scarpace.

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Bexy said...

I totally thougt it said "Scarface" at first too - ha!

I think what I like best about all these shots is the bare tree in the background and the color of the sky at different times of the day/night.

The night-time shot I think is my favorite because I really like the colors in the photo and I like the angle best too.

Even though it's a mausoleum, the photos don't necessarily look creepy - to me, with the religious symbols involved, I get a message of peace and remembrance.

Erin Chung said...

I love how in the night shot the sky is so light that it doesn't actually look like night at all. The trees silhouette is awesome in this one.

I like the color of the sky in the five O'clock picture. But like how the others edifice is spotlit by the sun.

My fav of all of them would have to be the night is the moodiest with the most contrast and I like that.

chocolate hug said...

Em, I found it interesting that you decided to photograph your subject from this angle. The first one strikes me as more interesting than the others because more of the tree and wall can be seen it gives the view a little bit of an insight as to the surroundings. As far as light goes, I like the third one...which surprises me since it was taken around 1:00 when the sun is pretty high. The colour of the sky is stunning and I like how the figurine on the top seems to glow.

Melissa said...

I too attempted to go to a cemetary near my house, but all the graves are on the ground so I was disappointed. I am totally amazed at you 11pm photo. It looks light outside still. I attmepted to take a night photo, but I don't think my camera is up to par..yours turned out great. I liked the idea, but laced time to find a good subject.