Friday, January 30, 2009

He's HOW BIG??

Yesterday Josiah got weighed and measured again:
11 lbs 13 oz already- my little boy is growing up!
He's 6 weeks old today, and the time has just flown right by. Next week I go back to teaching art (we'll be doing mosaics), so Jon's mom is coming down to watch the J man.
I think she's pretty excited about having a grandchild so close (her other 3 grandchildren-4 counting the one due in March- live in OH- kind of a long drive:(
Fortunately, I only teach part time, so I won't be away from him for too long. I love hanging out with the handsome little man :)

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LoveLladro said...

Your job situation sounds pretty awesome... away for a short amount of time but you still get to get away ;~) I think if I had that opportunity, I would do it! Oh and I require more pictures of little man!