Friday, August 14, 2009

Big 'n' small

Photo Challenge #28
This week's theme:

BIG and small

1.) One photo and one photo only.
2.) B/W or Colour is fine.
3.) No tweaking please.

This BIG sunflower comes from my small garden,
and this BIG sunflower has many small,
intricate details that make it just gorgeous!



Steve said...

I love the colors! Flowers are one of my favorite subjects.

chocolate hug said...

Beautiful! Where was your light coming from? For some reason It feels backlit...or even perhaps that is sun flair? It kind of makes me think of the flower as a representation of the sun. Beautiful colours!

And what a strong composition, the the circular center bringing our eyes back and back again into the image!

Erica said...

This is such great picture! I love the position of the flower. My favorite detail is the tiny schmootz on the flower petals. Nice job capturing all of the little details.

katie said...

Great photo (although a bit of a stretch for the Big/small theme...I like how you think outside the box :)

Love the colors!

Scott said...

Hey Em,

I gotta say that this is a great photo. You have a great eye for composition. You chose a great subject. The Yellows of the pollen and reds of the petals really make this photo something special. But what really makes it is the tiny bits of pollen on the petals that show up so clearly in the photo.

I missed McLinky this week, but I did post my challenge response. :P