Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Work, Work. (cont.)

I was able to get up to my mom's school again today,
and had a couple of good chunks of time to work on the mural again-
this is what it looks like now:

Now, what does my little J man do while I, his mama, paint? (since grandma- my mom- had surgery last week and can't watch him while I work)
Remember, this is a kindergarten classroom.
They have this super cool floor mat that he fell in love with- it kept him well occupied for a long, long time.

After he tired of this, the pastor's daughter took Josiah for a walk over to her house to hang out with her other 7 (yes, seven) siblings. He had a blast!
When she brought him back, he was more than ready to eat and nap- and slept from 1:45 until 4.

Plenty of painting time for mama :)



chocolate hug said...

Emily, I LOVE IT!

LoveLladro said...

the mural looks fantastic!! and I love the floor mat Jman was playing on!