Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo Challenge #29

I gotta admit- I love this challenge :) (I am not biased at all)

Here are the rules (and the other entries)

I had in mind the exact place that I wanted to go because there was absolutely BEAUTIFUL graffiti all over this abandoned building. But when I got there, somebody whitewashed ALL of those walls. AACH! I was totally bummed, but fortunately there were some freshly tagged areas, as well as spots that were missed by the whitewash.
Another "issue" that I ran into was that I couldn't get onto the property- it was surrounded by chain-link fence topped with barbed wire. So 2 of these shots were taken with my camera up against the chain link, which actually helped to create a natural vignette.

Oh, and did I mention that I took these right after an actual photo shoot- so here I am, a little white girl, walking around with my huge professional digital camera, wearing my nice clothes, in a place that was abandoned. In a neighborhood that, well, you wouldn't find too many gals like me hanging out there. But that just added a little more excitement to the whole thing :)

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Ali Sebald said...

Great challenge! I really love the first one. It took me bit to find the graffiti in the second picture, but it's there! The last one is equally as good. :)

katie said...

I love it! The bright pink graffiti really stands out in the fist one, and I could hardly find it in the second! I like the different focus of the third one--with the fence visible.