Monday, August 18, 2008

22 weeks!

Hello, again!
So, I have been having a great time this past week hanging out with friends and spending time with my hubby. A really good friend sent a care package in the mail and gave us a gift card to Applebee's, so on Saturday night, Jon and I went on a date! We did dinner and a movie (we finally went to see the Dark Knight) and spent only a little over $8 (we had a movie gift card too- thank's to a special promotion at our local grocery store:)
Well, I guess we spent a little more than that- I got EXTREMELY cold while sitting at Applebee's, and decided that it would probably be just as cold in the movie theater, so I went to Gap Maternity that was right across the mall from the theater, and picked up a $20 sweater. it is actually really nice, so I don't feel too bad about spending that much on a gap item.
Anyway, the majority of the weekend was spent with my younger brother, Josh, and with friends on Sunday- we had a special going away service at Point of Grace for John and April, who are going over to China to teach English. God's Blessings on them- we will try to remember them as often as we can in our prayers!
The pic of me is from just a couple minutes ago- 22 weeks already!
this afternoon I will be having the ultrasound to make sure all is ok with baby- since the last one showed a couple choroid plexus cysts, we need to make sure the rest of him is developing normally :)
thanks for the prayers!!!


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chocolate hug said...

If you ask me $20 isn't that much for a sweater at Gap...anyway you'll probably get a lot of use out of it this winter. I practically lived in the one you got me!