Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food Photo Challenge

This week I got inspired early (rarely ever happens)- usually I'm submitting close to midnight on Friday. :)
Our challenge this week was to submit 3,5,0r 7 photos of food: I decided to do 2 groups of photos that added up to 7 photos total.
Please feel free to submit any comments, feedback, or criticisms. I decided to play around a little more with the photos this week. Hope you enjoy!
(you can click on the images to see them larger)


LoveLladro said...

Em... these are BEAUTIFUL! I am so impressed with the care and precision with which they are displayed... not to offset the actual photographs!

I love the liquid one because of it's abstractness... and the tryptych is a nice addition. Really gives it depth and nice repetition.

I think the fruit may be my favorite though. So simple but the display, the backdrop, the bright primary colors... yeah, definitely my favorite. I can see this blown up in a baby's room... reminds me of a posh piece of artwork meant to decorate and teach a child. Very captivating.

You inspired me to work on my display although I don't think I compare to yours!

LoveLladro said...

Oh yeah, and my husband was gushing over your pictures too! He wants to hang the liquid one in our living room! We don't have a living room yet but when we have one... ;~)

Erica said...

I like all of the light in the first ones. What is the liquid? If it's some kind of liquor...I like it even more. :-)

I also really like the simplicity of the fruity ones. You have made me hungry!

chocolate hug said...

Hi Em! Look! It's Friday and I'm actually getting to the commenting!

What I love the most about the first set is the lighting. It really makes these images them a sort of beautiful vitality. My only criticism is that the glass on the two jars flanking the main image have a few smudges or marks on them (thumb prints?). It's only noticeable when the image is blown up. I also like how you decided to display the images...I see a reference to stain glass in this first set.

What yummy photos! Your lighting is nice and direct. I think because you kept your light source the same for all the images it makes them stronger as a set.

Okay, I'm off to comment on other photos!

Bexy said...

Wow, gorgeous!

The drinks ones sparkle like jewels - the light and the colors and the glass...sooooo pretty!

The fruit, at first I thought compared to the drinks they seem a bit dull but when I opened them larger they're just a lovely, just not quite as sparkly ;)

The fruit is great - I especially like how you captured the bananas, the angle and curves of them.

katie said...

I like how the first one is a bit abstract. I had to look at it for a while to figure out what it was. And the colors are so rich!

And I like the different colors of the fruit and how they complement eachother.

Nice job with the framing too! :)

huggiesaguaro said...

LOVE IT! I really enjoy how to colors pop, and the freshness of the fruit. I want to hang them in my kitchen!