Friday, March 6, 2009

This week's photo challenge

This week's challenge was to take a series of photos really up close:
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please leave comments/suggestions/critiques- I like to hear what you think!


Bexy said...

The cat ones made me laugh - especially the first one. The second one I had to enlarge to see what exactly it was but when I saw it I though it was well done - great detail of the whiskers and the curving lines of them.

The third one is very dignified ;)

The ones of the baby are very simply done. I especially like the last one where you captured the softness and curve of the ear.

katie said...

I like the first one the best because of the way the light hits the wiskers; and because of the 'raaahhr' sound I imagine the cat making :)
As I scrolled down I was trying to figure out what part of the cat the fourth picture was...kind of balding?? Then I realized it was Josiah's head hahha :) His hair has a bit of a wave, doesn't it?
Of the two baby ones I like the second one best.

LoveLladro said...

nicely done! I like the hair theme that runs through the pictures. i really like the paws crossed picture... so proper! i agree with katie... i was super confused as to what the balding picture was, i guess i was stuck on the cat images. it took me a few to realize it was the J man! very nice capture though... the growing of your little man.

rail-vodka said...

LOVE the first one! How on earth did you catch the cat yawning? I never can do that. I also loved how the third cat looks like he (she?)'s praying. Of the baby pictures, I really like the ear shadow. Since I first thought that the hair was an old hairy man's knee, that's still what I see when I look at it. :-)