Friday, March 20, 2009

Self Portraits each day

This weeks Photo challenge was to take one picture of yourself each day- and no tweeking or taking extra pictures.
Friday Night

Wednesday Night

Tuesday Night

Monday Morning

This challenge was a tough one for me. I guess I didn't realize how dependant I had become on the "just toss it" idea with digital pictures. Usually I think about the challenge for a couple of days to form an idea, and this week the pictures really don't create a "series" like what I usually do.
Any comments welcome!


Bexy said...

There's an intensity to the Friday night shot but the emotions at play I can't quite figure out - lovely photo though- the skin, the curves and direction and overall angle.

The 2nd one is very sweet and creatively done. Again there's the theme of skin - sort of reminds me of the soap or lotion commercials where there's a mother and her baby and they both have soft skin. :)

Tuesday night is pretty cool really - the glimpse of you there in the rearview, and the rush of traffic lights...

Monday morning - great close-up. Lovely eyes.

Erica said...

I really love Friday's shot. I'm amazed that it was in one shot!

The second one is super sweet, but with babies, it's hard to get something in one shot since you can't say "hey! Look at the camera!".

I really like the look on your face on the car one, but i wish i could see it more clearly.

Monday morning is really great. I don't think you can take a bad picture of yourself. :-)

Ebeling Family Blog said...

yeah..I was lucky to get the friday shot..I lost track of time, and Jonathan was getting ready for work, so I only had a minute to get it all set up- the only tripod shot I did this week- and it turned out ok, I think :)

Erin Chung said...

Love the B&W this week!! Friday's shot is brilliant I think. I like how there is someone else in the shot but it become s portrait of you and someone that is another piece of you. I like that he is not looking at the picture and you are. So, he is part of the "picture" that is your life. But the focus automatically is on you making eye contact with the audience. For being rushed I think it came out really nice. You look gorgeous in it too!!!

I could have actually done with out the car mirror one and just had the three of them. They make a great collection being you alone and you with the other most important parts of your life. This would make a great trio as im sure you do in real life as well!!

Great job this week. Really enjoyed them. Did you feel as though the car mirror one did not fit the collection for the week as a whole? Did it come out how you intended?

katie said...

Em, you have such expressive eyes! I also love the ones of you with Josiah and Jonathan. The car one is cool--but you need to wash your car!! :P
I like how you look just a bit sleepy in the monday morning shot. Maybe its the no makeup or that your eyes aren't quite wide open.
Nice job!!

Ebeling Family Blog said...

the car mirror one I did on the fly too- I was running out of time in the day, and knew as soon as I got home, I would have to feed the baby, and then who knows if I would have remembered to take a picture. Yeah, that one really didn't fit, but I was going to do one the following night doing something similar (with a cleaner mirror:) but totally forgot. It happens.
Mommy mush brain!

chocolate hug said...

Whew! My turn to comment! It's kinda fun going last! I get to read what everyone else wrote!

I'm glad you found time to do all these Em, I think you have some great images that are worth holding on to.

1.) I think, because I know you and Jon so well, I have a different insight into these photos...well...and since I've photographed you so many times! It's always struck me how comfortable you appear to be in front of the camera. Not only that, but you understand how to use your face. Only the best models really understand how important it is to know what your face can takes a lot of self confidence as well...that's probably why I turn away from the camera lens each time...I'm not confident in what I can make my face do. Anyway, I said all that to say this: In this photo you're not smiling and you have an intense look on your makes for an intimate the next one you're still not smiling, but there's a beautiful softness and light to your eyes...I love that you know how to smile with your eyes. On top of all that I'm impressed that you could get Jon to pose for a shot! Do you remember the b/w shots you took of you and Jon right after you were married...well this one reminds me A LOT of those.

2.) So lovely! Please tell me you're going to frame this one. I don't mind one bit that J Man is looking away. The portrait is of you. He's just being a baby, and it translates well in the photograph. As I mentioned to you in person I love that we can see some of your hair. If it hadn't been in the shot you truly would have appeared bald. The lock of hair across your brow adds to the softness, and the femininity of the image. this is by far my favorite shot!

3.) I agree with Erin, this photo is out of place. It's in colour and it doesn't fit the context of the others. Nick didn't like that he really couldn't see you. But kudos for trying! The close up photo of me was also taken last min before going to bed! I don't think you're the only one who had to take a last min shot this past week!

4.) Nick quote, "Totally an Emily shot". You've done this shot a lot, but somehow you are able to make it a little different each time. I can't help but notice your little button nose in this one! :) It's not my favorite shot, but it does work well with the other two b/w.

Great work! You really gave us a tough challenge this week! I'm going to have to think about this one for a few days.

Love you!