Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Proclamation and Praise

Here's what I've been busy with the past week... needs to be finished by Friday or Saturday (preferably Friday)
WLC commissioned me to make an altarpiece for a new service that they are adding on Sunday nights called Proclamation and praise- the dimension of the painting is 12" x 9"
J man has been ever patient with me- playing so well by himself, and making awesome cooing noises that echo wonderfully in the basement at TPOG (where I am working on the painting, since I don't have 9 ft ceilings at home :/)

custom aluminum-reinforced stretcher bars assembled
March 19th

All stretched with gesso (primer)
march 2oth

1st layer of paint, heavy-duty hinges attached to form triptych
march 22

some people added- still figuring out composition
March 23

Threw out Neck- unable to work March 24

Went to Chiropractor Morning of the 25th

More trumpeters added- figuring out where to place words "proclamation and praise"
March 25th

Looking forward to adding the picture of the finished piece :)
Have a great night-
from a very- VERY tired mommy artist.

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LoveLladro said...

Holy masterpiece Em... that is gorgeous! How lucky for the church that you did this! Just beautiful!