Saturday, July 25, 2009

Challenge #25

This week's challenge is to do a setup to specifically "sell a product"- this can be anything, really, for example : hat, shoes, cat food, soap- anything. The challenge is to do this with a friend, relative, or pet as your model.
Submit 3 photos- and let us know which is your favorite.
These may be b/w, color, or anything in between.
Editing is allowed.
And, as always.... have fun!
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So my original idea was to work with my cousin this afternoon- she is an awesome 13 year old who is just a natural in front of the camera. She was pretty busy, however, so I decided to use my son....oh, that sounds bad. So I decided that Josiah would love to help me out with this one, yet again! However, there were too many for me to pick from, so I decided to enter 2 sets of three, one set featuring his BabyGAP cap, and the other set featuring him and his super dee duper soft teddy bear. The second set doesn't really seem like "ads" to me, necessarily- they just look like soft baby skin and plush texture. I just thought they looked nice together as a set, so I assumed that you, the audience, would enjoy them as well.

"Fall into the Baby GAP"

Photo 1
I wasn't so sure on this one- basically I threw it in here because I needed
a third photograph. I think it works really well with the
other two pictures.

Photo 2
I think this one works best for "selling the product-
the hat dominates the picture, yet you can see J man, who's wearing it,
and a little more context that he is playing with a toy.

Photo 3
This one is my favorite of the three-
I love that Jman's expression and posture mimics the teddy bear's :)

"Baby Soft"
Photo 4
hands down, my favorite of the whole shoot. I love the angle of j man's back,
the way he's reaching for the teddy bear, and the angle of his leg coming up,
as well as the sweet expression on his face-
the way he's gazing at this teddy bear is just too cute. LOVE it.

Photo 5
again, too cute not to add it

Photo 6
I can't get enough of his eyes...he's a beautiful child!

Please feel free to comment- as much or as little as you feel like (I just love hearing everyone's thoughts!)



The Beauchene Family said...

How can you choose a favorite?! I think for the challenge, the second photo of Josiah wearing the hat is my favorite and would look great in an Ad campaign for Baby Gap! It would be neat to see the picture with the hat was in color while the rest was in black and white...
Also, I love the first one of the teddy bear series. I would definitely buy that bear!
Great photos as always... =)

Scott said...

Hey Emily. I think the first series is the better of the 2. The second is a bit washed out and maybe needs more contrast.Too much light in the shutter. Course you know this stuff WAY better than I do.

Josiah is as cute as a button. The first of the 2nd set really is my favorite, despite the washed out look.

katie said...

You did a great job with the hat. I like the brighter exposure because it really highlights the dark hat. I think I like the second one best too.
I love the pics in the second set too...but not really working as well for advertising.