Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Usually he's so photogenic.

See this face?

He wouldn't stop making this face.

I took 15 pictures, and all I got was that face. Oh, and him blinking.
And him looking at.....well, something. Not sure what.

Oh, well. I think these are as cute as can be, anyway! Even though his shirt is all screwy. Who's in charge of making sure this guy looks right for his pictures??

*ahem* Oh. Right. That's me.

Happy 7 months, J man!



LoveLladro said...

Is he working on his Elvis impersonation? Still, cute cute kid!

katie said...

I think that look on his face is quite cute! ROAR :)

Ebeling Family said...

roar to you, too!!
you know, he has quite a few outfits that say roar on them....I think it's a boy thing.