Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Addison

When I arrived at Amanda and Phil's house today, along with a few trick-or-treaters, Little addison greeted me right away- her daddy was feeding her the last few drops of milk from her bottle, and she was struggling to stay awake. I won't lie- I was super excited by the fact that she was SO sleepy.
Sleeping newborns are a dream to photograph.
I did Amanda's maternity photos a couple of months back, so I had the plus of having been to their home before- so I knew what to expect for lighting. I set up my little studio get-up, and we were off shooting pictures.
We ended the shoot in the master bedroom, where I used the natural lighting for some dramatic effect- it was a great photo day!!
Addison slept through the WHOLE THING. Even when she was lifted up "Simba-style".
Thanks for being such a great model, baby girl!


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