Saturday, November 28, 2009

Photo Challenge 42

Good Saturday, everyone!
I finally got my challenge done this week, despite the fact that I didn't have my camera with me.
Yup, you heard me right- I didn't have my camera. But I did have my phone :)
Today was the first time that I went hunting in over 2 years, and I decided to use my phone to take pictures of my surroundings. It's not often that I am up before sunrise (on purpose, anyway) so I used that. The sky was absolutely brilliant blue just before the sun came up, and I couldn't quite get the beautiful panorama around me, so I took a whole bunch of pics and put them together on my new laptop with photoshop.My laptop has bluetooth, and so does my phone, so I (jonathan, actually) figured out how to make the two of them talk to each other, and I could upload the photos from the phone directly onto the computer, no cords required. Whoa, how cool is that?!?!

I had to admit, the above photo was inspired by my dad's entry, with layering the sky in different angles and stuff to get this neato effect... so thanks, dad!

This week's challenge was to take pictures of the sky, and you can see other people's entries and the rules for the challenge when you click here.



chocolate hug said...

Em, I'm amazed that you took these with your phone. They don't look all that blurry! I like that we can still see the lines of some of the images you layered on top. I'm guessing that you meant to make it that way...there's a faint shadow under each image. It creates a sort of 3D texture. How long did it take you to piece this together?

What a cool idea! every time I look at this picture I notice different colour variations. It's just so interesting to look at! And I love the upward movement created by the trees!


Erin Jo Chung said...

Great idea this week. The layered image is way way way cool. I am also wondering how long it took you to piece it together. It is very interesting to look at. My favorite things about it are the very very faint color variations and also the upward inward movement created! This was really cool. thanks!