Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photo Challenge

This week's challenge is an exercise dealing with the Law of Thirds (LOT).
The rules were to take 3 photographs of the same subject in three different ways, or take one photo, and crop it three different ways.
I chose to take one photo and crop it three ways, since my little J man is sick, and I couldn't do a separate photo shoot for this assignment. So I am using little Addison, whose pictures I took 2 weeks ago, along with her family. She slept through the WHOLE session, and I couldn't resist taking one of her snuggled up, sinking into her parent's comforter.
I really enjoy utilizing the LOT in my photography, so this was a fun little challenge!

this is the original image:

this one is really elegant and minimalist-
the profile of the baby created a beautiful line from the top to the bottom

I like how there seems to be a balance of very dark on the L
compared with the very white of the baby on the R- it is more pronounced in this image.

to see the rules of the challenge, and other people's entries, click here

Thanks for the comments *wink**wink*



chocolate hug said...

Awww! Em what a darling photo! I really love the pattern on the fabric. It was a strong choice to go b/w on this one. Did you burn the left side in? I like the balances nicely with the darkness behind Addison's head, and the darkness of the lines in the comforter.

The first and last images are my favorite. I'm not a huge fan of the second only because I feel like too much of the baby is cut out.

I hope the parents like this image as much as I do!


Lemke25 said...

These are really beautiful pictures, Emily. I have probably told you that already, but it's still true. I think the last one is my favorite, not really sure why though. I loved them all :)

Erin Jo Chung said...

These are great! Im with diana on the pattern and texture on the linens. These photos would not be the same without that. Im curious as to what color it was though? anyway. the 3rd is my fav for sure. That one is perfect. really impressed this week. and these are very cute.