Saturday, May 2, 2009

Signs of Spring

Budding Trees

Soggy Ground

Sprouting plants in my garden


Erin Jo Chung said...

Nice collection!! My favorites are 3,4,5. You achieved very very nice color too!!! talk about vibrant! I love these three pics. Their composition and color are great. They work beautifully together!! I love the drops of water on the green one....and LOVE the green!! lol

# 2 is beautiful with the light. I love all the glistening and reflecting. That alone is gorgeous! I do feel like you have two different sets here though instead of one set of five. Nothing wrong with that. I just like them separate is all. Great job this week. Really enjoyed them.

The Beauchene Family said...

Wow! Overall very nice. My favorites are #4 and #5. #4 is just bursting with joy and so vibrant! #5 I just LOVE how you got the little drops of water and caught that moment in spring. Very nice!

chocolate hug said...

Hi Em! I think, for some reason, I haven't commented on the last two challenge photos of yours! I'm very sorry...I've been having a hard time getting around to everyone's photos before the week ends!

But here I am to comment!

When I look at all the images together it seems like #3,4,5 were taken perhaps at the same time, while you had the same vision in mind. Those three make a lovely set.

The other two give us a very different view of spring. I really love the composition of the first image, except that one particular branch seems to cut right through the center of the image diagonally. If it wasn't such a straight branch, it wouldn't have been so distracting. I do really enjoy all the textures surrounding all the dominant shapes.

okay, it's off to bed for me! I can rest easy that I commented on everyone's pictures and then start in on this week's challenge when I get up tomorrow!

katie said...

Great Job Em! The first one is somewhat abstract--I'm not sure everyone would know it is a tree without the context. Kind of like a scrawling doodle :)
I LOVE the second one. Was it taken in the morning or evening? Very cool colors and reflection of the sky.
Of the close-ups I like the last one best. especially the water droplets and the tiny fuzzies--awesome!!