Friday, May 29, 2009

Photo Challenge #18

Here are the basics to this week's challenge:
This week's challenge is to photograph numbers 1-7 (my father always make us do things in prime numbers when I was a child, since I thought 12 photos would be overwhelming we'll just stick with 7).

1.) 7 photos total (If you feel ambitious go ahead and do all 12), one photo for each number.
2.) your photos can either represent the number or have the actual number in letters or numbers.
3.) B/W or Colour
4.) Tweaking is allowed.
5.) Photos should be submitted by either Friday, May 29 or Sat. May 30
5.) Have Fun!

I was really awesomely inspired by this week's fact, I plan on going further with it to make a personal project of it. Something like "99 years"..still working on the full concept, though. We'll see how far it goes!

ok, so I was going to stop in by my cousin's house yesterday, cuz they have a 6 and 4 year old, but they are in Montana. Sorry ;(


chocolate hug said...

Em, your post reminded me of this video, you HAVE to see it!


Bexy said...

These are really sweet!

The first one - the baby's face is so round, it looks like an "0" haha! SO CUTE

All of these are lovely - the girl making the number 3 with her hands is so happy - can't help but smile.

And the "2" one - great hair!

I like the lighting and the darkness around the edges too.

Great photos!

chocolate hug said...

Em, these are such lovely pictures of your nieces and nephews. I love the idea, and I think if you stick with family and people you love this could be a series with a lot of sentimental value.

What really strikes me in most of this pictures are how the eyes of all the children seem so alive and full of joy and mischief.

The choice of B/W makes these pictures look very classy.

Beautiful portraits and such a fun concept!

katie said...

Em, these are great! I love how all the kids are being slightly silly, and have a sincere happiness, like they may even be laughing or about to laugh. You're so good at capturing natural smiles :) Very clever concept--good job!