Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photo Challenge- Man vs. Nature

Thus weeks photo challenge was to take 3-5 pictures with the theme of man vs. nature:

and, finally, this one's for you, Erin :).....


Bexy said...

Great idea with these!

Nicely subtle in the first photo. At first I thought it was a screen with the leaves behind it - then upon closer inspection I realized I was way off - the shadows certainly say enough here.

the 2nd one - great texture here but I'm struggling to think what man-made structure this might be - it looks very old in any event - as if the trees and the structure are having a contest to see who can outlast who.

The last one is my favorite - love the red brick - very bold - lovely lighting here too!

katie said...

I love your interpretation of the theme!
I like the first and third better than the second. I also had a hard time figuring out what the object was. I like the soft 'dusky' light in the first one and the brighter light in the brick one. Glad you were able to get them taken :)

Erica said...

The first and second ones are my favorites because I can distinguish the shape of the leaves well. The color in the third one is the best color, but if I don't like the shapes as much.

Nicely done!

Erin Jo Chung said...

Very nice interpretation! Shadows are so great huh? The first one is so soft and lovely and I love the color of that siding! Whom ever's house color that is ....I love it! The three photos work really well together and make a beautiful collection. I love the simplicity. Great job this week.

The last photo is great too!!! I love the GREEN grass sprouting up where it shouldn't be......or should it? lol
thanks for my own personal picture this week!!! I feel really special. (cheesy smile)