Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge #15

This week's Challenge was to take 3 pictures of a coffee cup....I think it was supposed to be in 3 different situations, but, well....I only had time for one situation, so I thought I would make a nice series of it :)(I've been a little busy with taking other photos- like this)
Tweeking was allowed...and usually I take advantage of that, but I decided to be a purist this week- these photos were not touched AT ALL after being taken. I have been working hard at learning my new camera (fuji S5 pro) and thought I would add an additional challenge to myself to take the pictures how I wanted them to turn out.
So, I used my absolute favorite mug (which usually holds tea, not coffee) and my BEAUTIFUL tulips from my garden (which were freshly rained upon when I cut them this evening), and my golden oak dining room table: and the combination of the three main colors, I think, turned out phenomenal ;) (if I do say so myself!)


Bexy said...

wow, these are gorgeous and very creative :)

The first one - I like the added touch of your hand with the single tulip.

The 2nd one I think I like best. The angle is great and the shades of brown from the wood in the background - there's even enough detail here to see some of the lines on the table to give it more texture.

The 3rd one - I like the way the one on the right is in focus, but you can still see some rain drops on the middle one and the one on the left that's out of focus is just very soft.


Erica said...

Nicely done! I love the concept and your perspective on your "coffee" cup. I think the colors go well together and I like how the cup changes by getting more flowers. I also love the added detail of the rain drops.

Beautiful series!

chocolate hug said...

My first thought when I saw these was, "Minimalist". I think you have pretty little series here...although I think it's interesting, the lighting strikes me as a little odd. Were you using a fast lens? or some other light source? I tried looking for clues, such a shadows and such, but I'm just not sure...maybe you bounced your flash...

I find it interesting that you decided to light your photos with a sort of general overhead light instead of something more dramatic. I'm torn between the two ideas... I can't help but wonder what the exact same shots would have looked like with a light behind the cup, or in front, or to the side.... I think because I'm so used to using only natural light, the lighting in this photo unsettles me! Isn't that funny? (Oh on a side note, Sam learned this week what the sun is and how to say, "sun").

The middle image is my favorite, but I'm not sure I would like it as much without the other two flanking it. I think that's the sign of a good series...when you can't separate them. I do enjoy your focus on colour, the warm paired with the cool, and the very small details you were careful to include even though the images were simple.

Nice perspective!


Erin Jo Chung said...

I have to agree with Diana on these. From the first glance the lighting bothered me. To me it all looks a bit washed it was lit with a bright kitchen pendant light over the kitchen table which turns me off a bit. I think I would have liked to see softer light or more dramatic or something.

However, You did a great job as far as composition and attention to the detail with tulips. I also like how you achieved the gradual focusing on the three tulips. I am not sure that I could achieve it with my auto focus camera and that is a nice touch. I am sure it was something you were thinking about as you were getting that shot set up. Great job. The rain drops on the tulips are great too. I also agree that they do better with each other than standing alone. The colors are nice together as well. I like the simplicity of them as well. Nice collection.

Ebeling Family Blog said...

thanks for the comments, guys!
I do have to say that I added the extra challenge this week to take something not so...emily. I know the lighting isn't as dramatic- and Diana hit it on the head that these are more minimalist- although more on the complex e3nd of minimalist. It is minimalist in COLOR. I wanted to do a study in the primary colors- that that's what we have here.
Thanks for the awesome comments, though! looking forward to the next challenge.... :) ~em

Ebeling Family Blog said...

oh, and I took these really late at night, so no soft, natural lighting from my bay windows...