Thursday, December 31, 2009

Family photos

As a gift for my parents, I am putting together an album of each of us "kids" and our families- I tried to get everyone's pictures throughout the year, but it came down to Christmas, and we still hadn't gotten a couple of them. So here they are:

My oldest brother, Chris, and his family: Jenny, Lily, and Evie

My brother, Jonnie, and his family: Kimmy, Bekah, Alyssa, and Ben

And, of course, my parents:

aren't they just so cute?!?!



Melanie said...

I just love the portraits you do. They're so REAL and capture the personalities of the people in them.

Erin Jo Chung said...

Great portraits! The one of your parents is really really nice! you dad's smile is really cute!

Ebeling Family said...

aww, thanks guys!!