Monday, December 14, 2009

"Ketchup"day: challenge #43

This challenge was "toys"
with a little boy, climbing...everywhere, it has definitely been more of a challenge to get these done, but he definitely remains my inspiration!
We were also supposed to tell a story, but I'd like to know what you think the story is!
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This lovely set of wooden animals was a gift for his first birthday- aren't they fun!!


Ali Sebald said...

The hen and her chick are lost in the woods. They are finding their way back to the farm and on their way they pass by big city trucks and loud noises. scary. Finally they make it back to their home and see all of their farm animal friends. They'll never follow a corn feed trail away from the farm again. :)

Ebeling Family said...

lol!! oh, ali- that's cute!

Katie said...

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get back to the farm, of course!
(Who knows why they were on the other side of the road anyway? Maybe Ali's corn feed trail is the answer to that one!)

chocolate hug said...

That's so funny, we have that puzzle too and I almost used it except that Sam wanted to play with the African animals first!

Is that a christmas tree I see in the first image? The chicken looks really happy here for some reason.

What jumped out at me right away was how the lighting and colouring is so different in each image. Because the chicken's position doesn't change very much from image to image I'm a little puzzled by your choice of compositions for these three. It seems to almost be the same photo three times. Knowing you it could have been completely on purpose...but it distracts me a little.

I like the warmth of the last image the best and the shallow focus. What was your story behind these?