Monday, December 14, 2009

Party it up, boy!

This post is mostly pictures, so bear with me.
It was a pretty long, exciting day on Saturday- we had over 30 guests at J man's 1st b day party (the party was a week earlier than his actual b day, but really... who has time the weekend before Christmas?)
It went SO well, with plenty of Ribs (which, yes, I grilled out in the snow!) and fresh-baked carrot cake* with cream cheese frosting to go around.

*I spent 3 whole hours on that thing...

After the gift-opening, the chillens* went downstairs to play in the balloon room- we blew up almost 70 balloons, and then went outdoors to do a little sledding. Josiah even went down the hill- about 7 or 8 times- he LOVED it! He was able to manage that because he got an infant's sled- yep, you heard (read) me right- a sled made for babies. It has a super-wide base so it's nearly impossible to tip over, and it has straps to hold the baby in place, much like a high chair. Well, it worked like a dream! Hopefully I'll get a link up, or pictures emailed to me, or something- since my Dad took the pics of his first sledding experience. I was the one lugging him up the hill, so no camera for me!
Anyway, enough talk, on to the pictures! (since I promised that oh so long ago....)

*children. there were 8 of them.

The little guy had a MOUNTAIN of gifts to open. I opened all of them. Can a 1 year old really open all those gifts? No. The answer is no.
How blessed is my little one, though! We have such generous friends and family, thank you all SO very much! (yes, thank you, too, even if you got him a "noisy" toy :)

I made the sign, too, out of fabric remnants I picked up at Hancock fabrics a long time ago, and random buttons. It was totally fun!

Happy Birthday, Baby!


Katie said...

Love it!
I just put up some of our photos from the party on our Picasa site, if you want to check those out. I don't know the link...just go to our blog and link in from there.
See you tomorrow!

chocolate hug said...

Awww...It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I'm so sad that we had to miss it. I ended up taking a first time home buyer class that's only offered once a month. It was totally worth it but boy, after 6 hours my brain was full!

Sam would have had a blast sledding...we'll have to do it together sometime this winter!


Rosey Cheeks said...

Gabe still is not talking to me because we missed J-man's bday celebration/sledding party. (he-he) Give Josiah a huge hug from us tomorrow. :) Incredible what a year can give.

How does this Monday open gym 9-11am at 60th and Lloyd (old catholic gym) sound? Gabe and I will only be able to be there for 45 minutes or so. We can do it after the Holidays too. Let me know what you think.

His peace...

Erin Jo Chung said...

Ha! all this talk about you not being craft and then you post this! Ha....caught ya! cupcakes CUTE. banner CUTE. J-man CUTE! why did you do the banner one B&W unlike the rest? It has a really nice depth of field that picture...well done on this set!