Saturday, December 19, 2009

To my Son

Good Morning, Baby!

I have been thinking about this post for quite some time, since this is a momentous occasion. Maybe more so for me than for you, but momentous nonetheless.
I still tear up whenever I really, really think about how you have blessed me and your daddy- you certainly are a gift sent from God, one that we, at one point in our lives, never thought would actually be given to us. You have been not exactly what we were expecting, but MORE than what we were expecting.
We prayed that you would be a happy child, and seriously, we got that tenfold. You are a ridiculously smiley, happy-go-lucky little child. You laugh at the kitties, you laugh at daddy's work badge, you laugh at yourself. You laugh at mommy when she tries to crawl as fast as you. You greet me each morning with a huge smile stretched across your face. Now THAT is a great way to start the day!
We prayed that you would like music, and man, we can't keep you away from our piano. And you play it so nicely, too- you rarely ever bang on the keys- you are content to do one finger at a time. Sometimes you end up with some very sweet melodies! You love to praise God at church by clapping along and dancing your little baby bouncy dance, all the time with the biggest, goofiest grin on your face. You sing yourself to sleep- a flutey, lovely sound.
We prayed that you would get along well with others. You have more friends than we can count- people who love you for the sweet, gentle way that you are, for the hyper silly play when you are over-tired, for the love that you have for people already is amazing. You have baby Ruthie, Gabe, your cousin Evie, Noelle, Sam, Samuel, and others who are close in age that you are just SO excited to see every time we get together. Your happy squeals when you play with the other kids is really, truly music to my ears.
We prayed that you would be cute. Well, Daddy was pleasantly surprised by your handsome looks from the beginning :) Your blue eyes are something to behold- I have never seen eyes like yours- they are bluer than mine, bigger than Daddy's, and just stunning. Everyone comments about your eyes! Your constant smile makes you even more adorable than any other physical feature- you are just so cute! Your grandma says I need to be careful how often I tell you this, since it could give you a big head, but this is a special occasion, so I can say it all I want. You are just so darn cute.

Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

This past year has been wonderful. Wonder-full.

From the first time I met you face-to-face, at 4:20 am on that cold, snow-filled day in December, your tiny cries muffled by the fluid still in your lungs, that cleared out without a hitch, to the first night at home when I had the worst30 hours of my life, to the many nights where it was just you and me because Daddy had to work, the first time you purposefully cooed, then rolled over, then decided to crawl, and now to standing. The way you snuggle your used-to-be-white teddy bear when I set you in the crib for naps and bedtime. The excitement when we read "where is baby's belly button" is contagious- you have such a fun time reading that one with me. Although I think that's because you have a crush on the little girl on the front cover...but I digress.
You will soon have your first steps, which I know will surprise me. Which is incredible. But you will grow up, and that is inevitable. And normal. And exactly what should happen. And what I really do want to happen.

Please know that Daddy and I pray for you all the time, that you will grow up to be excited about Jesus, and be a great, strong, Christian man. I pray that your future holds great things for you, and at the same time, that you appreciate every little moment you have with family, friends, and the time you spend with your Lord.

But for now, little one, I love the moments we spend together: you, me, Daddy. You are amazing. And I love you.

Happy Birthday, Josiah.




chocolate hug said...

And what a snowy morning that was! Josiah turns one today and my little brother turns 23! Is it strange that I can remember Adam being the same age as Josiah? Another reminder of how fast the time goes.

The second year gets even better! :)

LoveLladro said...

Happy Birthday Josiah! And Happy Josiah's birthday to your mommy and daddy ;~)

Melanie said...

What a beautiful post! Happy birthday, Josiah!

Erin Jo Chung said...