Thursday, January 7, 2010

let it snow, let it snow......


Today we have been enjoying the sheer beauty of the midwest winter in the fury of a true snowstorm.
So far we have at least 10 inches of snow, and right now it's beginning to blow, so chances are there will be a big drift against our back door in the morning. Goody.
It is weather like this that makes me REALLY glad that we have a Jeep. I got to drive around on the nearly deserted streets of my town today, very slowly, of course, even though I have 4 wheel drive. I traversed through snowdrifts into ghosts of county parks, looking for the perfect places to take pictures at, since the snow was sticking perfectly to every tree branch. I found several pristine locations, and got some great shots, all without leaving the vehicle. And the little J man slept snugly and happily from his now forward-facing carseat. (note: I gotta get a picture of that to share with you, too.)
I had way too many to choose from, but here is my decision for the entry for today. Number 7 of 365.


chocolate hug said...

I'm glad you picked this shot to post. It's lovely! Are you entering anything in the WLC alum show?

Melanie said...

I love the symmetry of the 2 trees in the foreground.