Friday, January 22, 2010

Mall time!

An many of my close friends know, I mall walk. Yeah, I know, I'm like 80 years old at heart, but I actually like to meet up with my other mommy friends. We walk laps, and talk mom talk, among other things. We are sometimes called the "Buggy Brigade". Today we even had a random person doing play-by- plays as we were walking through the mall (3 strollers wide), as if it were a neck-and-neck race. I lost.Pretty funny stuff.
Recently, I went to the mall by myself (gasp!) along with J man, and did a bit of a photo shoot there. I thought it would be a stellar idea, since there is so much natural light in there, and a little different surroundings for the little guy (and warmer than outside). Well, he didn't really like it much, and really, only a couple of shots turned out. But, I need to catch up with my Project 365, so here is one of them.

19 of 365

Those blue eyes get me all the time. Gotta love this little guy!


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