Sunday, January 3, 2010


Patterns have always fascinated me. I love to mix and match patterns that seemingly should not even be thought to go together, like paisley prints and leopard. And yet, there it is, right on my very own couch.
But what I believe is even more incredible than my own sense of style (if you want to call it that) is the sense of style God puts right out there in nature. Like the run of a river and its tributaries (as seen from an airplane- and incredible thing to behold), the stripes and intersections of different kinds of rocks, the texture of a field of grain with a backdrop of heavy, rolling clouds. Just beautiful. Can you see it in your mind?
These things are all quite grand, but sometimes i forget to look at the little things. Like the shimmer of droplets of water on the grass leaves, and the minuscule paths of bugs going through an old log.
Or, in the case of today, the simplicity of frost on a window. From a distance, it seemed fogged, but once the sun began peeking through the clouds, there was a shimmer about it, and upon closer inspection was such perfection that a machine could never duplicate.
So, without further ado, number 3 of 365 in my challenge 365.

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maryzylka09 said...

Gorgeous!!!! We had some pretty frost on our windows, too, but I don't thin I could ever make it look that good!