Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photo Challenge # 46

This week's challenge is:

a Self-portrait featuring a physical attribute that you find endearing or beautiful about yourself- something that you feel makes you uniquely "you".
Submit one photo.
This photo can be color or black and white.
Go ahead and "tweak" it if you feel like it!

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10 of 365

My physical attribute that I find endearing about myself: my super-pale (some may even call it pasty) skin.
Give me a break, though. It is the middle of winter in the upper midwest, and I come from some pale-skinned lineage. But really, I do like the fact that my skin is so white, since I like to wear black a lot :)

Any feedback is welcome, thanks for looking!



maryzylka09 said...

Holy Gorgeous! You and the picture! Love the contrast, and the lines, and the freckles! How in the world did you take that?

Melanie said...

I love the black/white contrast and the line created with your leg that leads you visually through the picture.

Katie said...

oo la la! :) Beautiful, Em! You have nice lines.