Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly Photo Challange #48

The Challenge:

Do a Photo Demo

1.) Feel free to demo any normal thing that you do throughout your day, or if your adventurous you can do an activity for the sole purpose of using it for this challenge. (Hint for those of us with children: if this seems a bit overwhelming just capture something you do with your kid..or for your kids.)
2.) Please try to limit the images to no more than 10.
3.) Tweaking is fine if you'd like to display the images differently.
4.) Have fun!

How to take a weekend vacation:

pack well.

leave on time.
(or a minute late)

stop for gas.

watch the landscape slide by.

make sure the one-year-old is happy.
ridiculously happy.

pay toll.

work on crossword puzzles together.

enter the hotel.

find your way to the room.

23 of 365

follow ridiculously happy one-year-old down hallway.

enjoy the quaint features of the room.

watch the traffic outside the window.

walk into the waterpark.

play with daddy in water.

24 of 365

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Have a great week, everyone!


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