Monday, February 16, 2009

Doctor Day

Josiah had his 2 month checkup today.
Here are the stats:
12 lbs 8 oz, 24 inches long.
He also got his shots- those needles seemed awfully big compared to his not so big thighs. It's not an easy thing to know something is hurting your child, but we pray this is for the best (I'm one of those people who is not totally sold on the "mandatory" shots- but that's a whole other story.....)
Another amazing thing that he has decided to do: He is now eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours instead of every 2 hours. Yay! More time to waste on facebook. Just kidding. Maybe.
It's been an exciting week so far- and it's only Monday! I will be displaying some of my photography at Caribou Coffee on Hwy. 100 and Bluemound Rd- it's a pretty busy place, so I am thrilled about the exposure! Hopefully I'll have the pieces up by Friday. If not, then early next week. The pic at the top is one that's going to be put up (of 6 total).
WLC (my alma mater) has also commissioned me to do a rather large painting for a new church service that they will be offering. I am really psyched to start working on that, but I am a little nervous that they want it by March 13, and we JUST found out this weekend that they want me to do this. That's less than a month to do a piece at least 12 by 8 feet...hmm....I work well under pressure, at least!
OK-enough about me!
I haven't given an update on Jonathan in a while- he has officially been accepted to the Master's program at UWM- and will most likely begin this summer. We also learned that he may have some state funding for education left over from his Army days. I'm SO glad the army is still paying off for him :)

Now I should be sleeping, since Josiah evidently fell asleep. He falls asleep on his own. I just set him in his bassinet, and he falls to sleep. I am SO spoiled. ;)


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LoveLladro said...

That is so exciting about your photography! Make sure you take a few pictures of you enjoying some coffee in front of your work on the walls!!!