Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pictures from Sarah's Wedding to Billy :)

My flowers from the wedding

Sarah and Billy's First Dance

First Dance

Sarah hangin' with the J man

Sarah, Jonathan, and I made a combined effort to make over 30 stained glass candle holders- I designed them and Sarah and jonathan constructed them, and I helped to clean them and pack them.

Josiah in his black suit and silver tie :)

3 of the 5 bridesmaids- Left to Right: Me, Beth, Nicole

Sarah and her Major

Wedding Party

Jonathan, Josiah, and Me

The Ebeling Family


LoveLladro said...

what an elegant wedding... love the black bridesmaid dresses! all the men look nice but I have to say J man takes the cake!

chocolate hug said...

Thanks for sharing!

katie said...

Em you look BEAUTIFUL! And the little guy is quite handsome too :)