Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo Challenge #4

Rhythm and Repitition was the theme for this week's challenge (go to to see the other entries and challenges)

I had a little something different in mind for what I would do for the challenge this week, but I was just drawn to the beautiful lines that would repeat themselves in different parts of nature. To see what everything is, check out the comments section. I really do like comments, even if you don't like the pictures!)



Ebeling Family Blog said...

1. Frozen River with city lights reflected

2. Gnarled Oak tree with moonlight

3. Dried up leaf- backlit

Nature's beautiful lines repeated- the rhythm of life

chocolate hug said...

You know what's so fun about this? I'm just amazed at how every week Nick totally gets into looking at all the submissions with me. We look at all the photos and talk about them together. I never would have expected that from him. I think he liked yours the best this week. Surprisingly, for how abstract it is, Nick's favorite was the top picture! He lived the red coming in from the top.

I feel a little humbled by the fact that I didn't get into this challenge as much...everyone else really did an amazing job of interpreting your idea!

1.) Because I love trees and lines so much (as you know personally) this picture is not my favorite, but it's composition intrigues me. At first I thought it was a photo of the street. There is something nice about the subtle colours in this photo, a theme you carried through all of them. It ties the photos together beautifully.

2.) Do is see just a hint of red on the bottom part of the photo? It photo makes me want to paint trees again. I love it! There's not much to say except it's just plain beautiful

3.)You go from your light source being small in the second photo to being more spread out. As Nick says, it's sort of inverted. I love all these pictures together! But the bottom two especially.

LoveLladro said...

I have to say, I wouldn't have come up with those ideas on my own but looking at them through your eyes, very cool. I really like the water picture! Like I told Diana, I thought it very interesting that you both choose trees as part of the assignment ;~)

Bexy said...

I think the first one is my favorite. I tend to struggle in photographing urban landscapes, even when water and bits of nature are involved so I like how this combines something urban and city-themed with something calming like water. Also, the colors in the photo are outstanding. Great bits of red in there - really adds to the photo.

The 2nd one is great too. The tree branches and the brilliant dark blue sky - the moon shining off to the side - well placed and lovely.

The last one is striking as well, especially the cracks of light coming through the old leaf. Well done!

Erin Chung said...

Emily. Nicely done this week. Things I know for sure are: Each photo is very interesting beautiful on its own and they definitely work perfectly together. I loved that you used nature. The repetition of the cracks or, in the trees case, what looks similar to cracks is fantastic, organic, and adds a whole lot of interest in each photo. The colors work well together and I agree with everyone else that the red is great!!!

SOo, I guess overall I really like your entry this week. This week was such a fun challenge and I appreciate your concept!! Thank you.