Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge #3

All of these photos were taken with my Fuji S2, 1/45", f3.2, macro setting on my 24-85mm lens.

This week's guidelines and other submissions can be found at

I am really tired, So I'm going to bed :)
I look forward to critiquing everyone's tomorrow!



Bexy said...

Mmmmmm rich reds!

The first one is simply lovely and romantic - the glimpse of flame brings out the rest of the candle and it appears you're going to be needing another candle soon! ;) I really like the detail and texture of the wax.

The second one...a poinsettia or something? Or a leaf in any event. All 3 of these photos are a bit abstract - like you're catching just a glimpse of something. The rich colors and the lighting of this is gorgeous.

The third one is probably my least favorite of the three - it looked cool in the smaller pic, but when I took a look a the enlarged version, what's in focus there is isn't enough to me. I want to see more. But I do like the spot of light towards the bottom left.

chocolate hug said...

Hi Em! I'm going to critique your photos then I promised Sam he could watch BOO! Firstly I just want to say that these three photos together make a lovely set. The colours and subjects you chose work very well together.

1.) Your first photo really really confused me when I saw it. I had just finished boiling a chicken for stock and had taken the heart out and thrown it away just minuets before. For some reason, for one split second I thought this was a chicken heart! I know, I know, it doesn't look anything like one, strange huh?

It actually took me a while before I figured out what angle you took this photo at. Bekah has better eye then I do! I'm sort of surprised that you didn't leave the flame in focus...but that would be a little cliche. The textures in the was are beautiful. This particular photo is stronger when seen with the other two. Alone it would not be as interesting

2.) The poinsettia is my favorite of the three. It's a wonderfully strong composition and I agree with Bekah, I love where the light is coming from. All three of your photos have a strong light source (which also ties them together as a set.) I also enjoy how green is more dominant in this picture and how there is just a tiny hint of gold/yellow

3.) It doesn't really bother me that not much of this image is in focus. I just love how this image mimics the first in a way. The flecks of gold are lovely. My only criticism is that all your photos seem to be heavy on the right side of the image. Since I am viewing these as a set I think a little more sense of movement would add to their strength. Over all though, these photos are quietly beautiful.

Can't wait to see what your challenge is next week!


Erin Chung said...

wow!! Very interesting. The first one baffled me as well. I could not make out what it was at first. I like these three as a set. however the only one I would love on its own it the poinsettia one!!! This is by far my favorite. My eye is drawn to it immediately. I agree the composition is very strong in this one and the color and light is gorgeous too....I like that I can imagine what that leaf actually feels like and I want to touch it. There is a romance about these as a group. perhaps this is the moody light....I don't know but i like it:) thanks for sharing.

LoveLladro said...

All 3 seem to be very abstract in nature... which I happen to love ;~) Very beautiful ;~)