Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge- "I Spy"








This week's challenge was to take pictures of descriptive words: to see the full rules and the links to the other entries, go to

Feel free to post comments/suggestions/criticisms- Thank you!



Bexy said...

cool pics! I especially love the tea photos - I find it challenging to get a photo of steam rising from a warm beverage...

I like that the "cute/beautiful" photos are in sepia.

Cold/Wet is rather abstract - in a lovely way though, but I still kind of want to see more to get more context of where/what it is exactly.

I think "harsh/cold" strikes me the least - they're good pics and again, in an abstract artistic way, but I almost think they'd look better as a painting than a photo :)

"Round/Reflective" is fantastic - I love all the detail and the camera reflections.

chocolate hug said...

Hey look! I got some photos up! Yay! Happy to see you were able to do the challenge this week too!

1.)I love the first photo. it makes me want to grab the mug and warm my hands. The fact that the tea string can be seen adds a lot to this image.

2.)I'm not too excited about the second cup image...I think a little more depth of field would make it stronger, but I'm guessing your app was so wide open because you didn't have a lot of light to work with.

3.)Wow, only two months old and his eyes are so blue! I like how with most of the other images you had two pictures of the subject representing the words. I kind of wish there was a second one here as well.

4.)-5.)These are beautiful...Wonderful composition...and love how the baby's feet and the adults hands work together in these images to create a sense of love and comfort. I would also call these images warm and enticing.

6.) This is my least favorite image of all of them. You have so much texture and depth in the other photos that this one stick out a little.

7.)-8.) The composition of this image reminds me of the composition of Erin Jo's first image. I like the texture on the rock and that the colours in both these images are very subdued.

9.)-10.) The two jumped out at me right away. The textures are so lively! And even though I can see ice, the red of the leafs warms the image a little.

11.)-12.) The first is my favorite of the two, but I had to smile at the second...I know your sense of humor and I totally get this image!

Lovely Job Em! Glad to see you back!

katie said...

I love the steamy cup too! And of course I love baby pictures :)

I really like the cold/wet photos. It took me a bit to realize what they were, but they definitely make me think of cold and wet. Same with the harsh and cold. Harsh was a hard one for me, I couldn't think of anything for that one.

Erin Chung said...

Hey!!! alright. My favorite picture here is probably the first one....It is great. I do not like its partner as much....I wish there was more in focus there. I also love the cold and wet ones....very nice...I could feel the ice!!! they also make a fantastic pair. My other favs were the last reflective ones the silver balls are great!!! I don't know why but I prefer the ones that are paired together....Maybe it is the organizer in me!!! I wish that there was another one of your little guy in color and then also of the old one!!! But overall i enjoyed them very much....fantastic job!

LoveLladro said...

I really liked all your photos but the first 2 were and still are my favorite! I don't know what it is about them... they just create this warm fuzzy. Great stuff!